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VelvetAngel Production was founded to honour my late beloved son, Kareem Andre Daniel Anderson. Through our company, his memory and love of music and writing will forever live on.

Driven by our passion for music, we have created an environment and platform to showcase great artist and musical talent.

Donaro Standford, artistically known as "Great Boss", from St. Catherine, Jamaica is our first artiste that we will be showcasing to the world. Our aim is to add more class, creativity, and international flavour with our music art. Thus, promoting the culture worldwide, simultaneously raising the bar and capturing new audiences worldwide, and with every project honouring my Jamaican culture and roots.

The greatest joy in life is to give, and the most satisfying work is to assist others. As such, this platform serves to create music and poetry that will offer a permanent source of encouragement to others. In doing so, VelvetAngel Production seeks to avoid one of society's biggest problems, which is fear of failure and fear within itself. As the saying goes, "Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing, and love ends when you stop caring".

VelvetAngel Production will thrive on its merits of integrity and prayers and will continue to build its foundation at the feet of its king... God Almighty!

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One MusicFest

Atlanta, GA, USA



Oct 29

Austin City Limits

Austin, TX, USA



Nov 26

Lost Lands

Thornville, OH, USA



Sep 30

Monterey Jazz Festival

Monterey, CA, USA



Oct 14

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VelvetAngel Production Group was able to take my career to the next level with their campaign strategy.

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The world of music is a vast and complicated place, with new genres and subgenres popping up every day.

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The world of music is a vast and complicated place, with new genres and subgenres popping up every day.

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The world of music is a vast and complicated place, with new genres and subgenres popping up every day.

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New exclusive merch

New exclusive merch items from both artists have dropped via Merch Traffic, formerly Live Nation Merchandise. Gwen's new line of hoodies and tees promotes her latest singles "Slow Clap" and "Let Me Reintroduce Myself. There are also sweats, tees, hats and scarves.

Due to the shirt is made personally for you, so unfortunately, returns and exchange may not be accepted.